Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeah, I need some of this...


Harpo taking a snooze.

I feel like I've been going a hunderd miles per hour since the solstice. Summer is usually a time to kick back and re-energize for me. Also a time for art.
So I'm going to work on that. After unpacking and putting the camping supplies away, doing loads of laundry and cleaning the house I need some down time. I started reading a book that a blog friend recommended called The Glass Castle by Janenette Walls. It's a good read, I'm almost finished with it. Working a bit on Autumn's kitchen towel set and did a few homeschooling projects with Noah. (see Purple Squirrel)
Also I've been working on a few new pieces for my Etsy.


Lisa said...

Hi Anet! I do hope you get some relaxing time for catnaps and such! You do know that lisa by the bay is Me, right? I love the faerie dust! And can't wait to see what else you create!

Anet said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks, I did figure it was you! So sweet of you to shop my Etsy. I'm glad you like the dust.
I have some fairies captured in jars planned and some old altered shoes I'm working on.
I love playing with this type of material, it's so fun. Also I need to get busy on some Halloween pieces, my favorite holiday:) Thanks again for buying the faerie dust!

Anonymous said...

So glad to read you are enjoying the book. I love your vintage images! You always seem to choose the image that's "just right."

docwitch said...

You do sound incredibly busy! That's fantastic work on the Etsy shop too! I'm impressed. I'm still faffing about getting mine set up.

I'll have to look that book up, it looks interesting. And now I'm off to look at those Purple Squirrel projects...

Anet said...

Thanks Tara,
The book was maddening! I'd get so mad at the parents. I couldn't put it down.
Sometimes I need to remember how blessed we are!

Hey Docwitch,
Thank you... it was a tad scary to open the Etsy at first, now it's a piece of cake! I hope yours is up and running soon!


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