Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Halloween Etsy...

I've been working on few Halloween pieces for my shop.
I bought some old vintage shoes from Autumn's Etsy... at least she didn't charge me shipping seeing how they were stored upstairs.
I came up with a pin cushion shoe, a nice way to showcase your vintage hat pins.
This one is my Witchy version. I do love witches!
I bought these awesome hang tags from Etsy and love them!
They are scented with coffee, vanilla and cinnamon! yum...

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather! I'm peeking in on all my bloggy friend and hope to catch up soon.


Lisa said...

Hi Anet! These are great! I wanted to ask you if I could put a link to your etsy shop on my blog. I added a link to The Magic Onions etsy shop after purchasing some gnomes and fairies that are so lovely. I love the fairy dust and would love to post a link to Whimsical Moon. I have found this blog world to be so inspiring and loving. And this is my way of giving back to some very talented moms!
Let me know! Check out The Magic Onions link if you like.

Anet said...

That would be so wonderful! I would be honored to have my Etsy on your blog. Very sweet of you!!!!! I will check out The Magic Onions shop... I have some nieces who would love some fairies:)

Ruth said...

Brilliant idea, Anet. And yes, the tags are way cool.

Lesley really enjoys using Etsy sellers as well as selling there herself. She ordered their wedding invitations and programs from an Etsy seller and was soooo happy.

Sandy said...

Great stuff you're showing! I'm enjoying catching up.


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