Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Alice May

Alice May

Born: December 28th 1925~

This is my mom at age 17, when she didn't shake or forget things. When she had energy and didn't need anyone to take care of her. When her body didn't hurt and she could sleep through the night.

Her birthday was Monday, she is now 84 years old. She has lived through the Depression, a few wars and some hard times. She was a rock through it all. She has always been a kind and loving mother to her six children and THE MOST awesome Grandmother! Autumn's favorite person in the whole world!

She lost my dad, one of my brothers and all but one of her 8 siblings.

She lives with us in a mother's-in-law apartment in the back of our house. I had to take her for her monthly blood test today, it was very cold and very hard on her. I worry all the time she'll slip and fall. She has before and it's so scary!

It's kind of strange how life is just like the seasons of the year.

Spring, when we are young and starting to sprout.

Summer, when we are strong and are in full bloom.

Autumn, when things are slowing down and changing colors.

Winter, when all is white and it's time to rest.

I know I'm in the season of Autumn at this moment in time. Slowing down and changing colors.

My mom, she's in winter...

I love this photo of her. Happy Birthday Mom and to many,many more!


Update on the layoff: We've made it through Christmas without the layoff, but starting next week my husband will be working 3 day weeks... which is much better than a layoff, but still is going to challenge our budget for sure! There is work at MSU coming up in the spring, we'll just hunker down until then. All is good.


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