Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Front Porch...

The Front Porch
Jimmy Priest
The front porch holds my memories
dreams, hopes and fears
endless hours I have spent
laughing and shedding tears
The rocking chair stands still
hiding in plain sight
waiting for a companion
to join it through the night
Seeking out laughter and fun
offering good advice
watching children run
giggling and chasing fire flies
The goals of a young boy
the angst of a teen
reflections of a man
how long ago it all seems
Sharing a moment alone
like looking through the glass
at a world that passes by
moving way to fast
A world within a world
where a boy could be king
over lands far away
free from everything
A small breeze passes through
sharing the scents of the night
as I close my weary eyes
listening to the last few cars drive by
The visitors come and go
creating memories for my past
as I sit on the front porch
alone with my thoughts at last


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