Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look Who's in the Paper...


Showing off some serious wizard action yesterday at Harry Potter Camp!
We saw the movie today:)


Tammy said...

Way to go Noah!

Elizabeth said...

That is so great! He must be so excited! I can save another copy of it for you.

Lisa said...

That's great Noah! What fun he must have had at camp.
Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

So serious! That must be some powerful magic he's sending forth...

Sharon said...

Very Cool Noah! Zoe and I are going to see the movie tomorrow. I've been thinking about you. We have a bear thats been coming around at night. He destroyed our bird feeders and tried to rip the doors off of the goose's pen (they're spending their nights in the mud room now. at least until he moves on). He's pretty much getting into as much trouble as he can but because there's no snow or mud he hasn't left any prints for your blog! :(

Anet~ I LOVE your new header!!! I think I'd fit right in with them. :)

Ruth said...

Noah makes such a good HP, it's no wonder he made it into the paper.

We saw it for the second time last night (which was too soon for me apparently).

Anet said...

Thanks Tammy:)

Thank Elizabeth, that would be great!


Hi Lisa,
He had so much fun. He was put in Ravenclaw house, but they didn't win the house cup.


Hi Tara,
I know, I cracked up when I saw how serious he was!


Hi Sharon,
I've been thinking about you! I was going to send you an email soon and see what you've been up too.
Have a bear roaming around my house at night would scare the crap out of me! I was freaked out about the raccoons outside our tent! LOL...
Noah would love a bear print, just be careful! I'm glad to hear the geese are safe inside!

The witch header is my favorite!
Which witch do you want to be? I'm the second from the left, hehehe!


Thanks Ruth, He does look a bit like a young Harry.
I can't believe you've gone twice already! It was good but I'll wait until the DVD is out for sale... We have to own all of them.
Noah said he wants to read the books now. Yay! He's old enough to handle such big books.

Sandy said...

Noah you are a wizard! You look right at home.

Eluciq said...

noah could have easily been in the movies...he has a serious face and exact point with that wand!


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