Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sharing Witches...

I've been spending time searching for free Vintage Halloween Images on the internet. I'm amazed at the wonderful images that people share. It does take a lot of time to search for them but it's worth it. Here's some witches that I have found. Help yourself:) Sharing, it's a good thing!


Tammy said...

WONDERFUL. I think I'll use that last one as my blog header photo in October. :)

Anonymous said...

These are great, Anet. I can tell how much care you take in selecting just the right images for your artwork and I think it's time well spent. Your work always makes me smile.

Sandy said...

wow, love the photos. I've forgotten to check in here. Great post.

mrsb said...

How on earth have I not followed your blog before? LOVE it!

Anet said...

Hi Tammy, That will be so cute!
I love her point slippers:)

Aww... Thanks Tara:)


Hey Sandy... How could you forget me? lol!


Hello Mrs.B
This is my new blog so you haven't missed much. I've been enjoying yours for a few weeks now!

Anet said...

Ooops! Tammy make that 'pointy slippers'

Domestic Witch said...

Oh I love these! So glad I found your blog!

Anet said...

Hi Domestic Witch!
I'm glad you stopped by!


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