Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catnip Wool felted ball...

I harvested some catnip from the garden and dried it to make some catnip toys.

Three happy Halloween colored cats with the leftover stems.

Harpo patiently waiting and waiting... "Hurry up with that felting would ya?!"

I was going to put a cute design on it, then I quickly remembered past wool felted toys and how they looked after 5 minutes of cat play... so why waste my time and Harpo was getting a little testy waiting for it after awhile. I'm sure the cats won't care if it's not cute.
Harpo makes off with his (he thinks he is soul owner) ball. After all, he did all the waiting:)


mrsb said...

Haha! I love growing catnip for our cats, too! They are so funny with it!

Anonymous said...

I tried growing catnip for two years but all the neighborhood strays kept helping themselves. Sweet Harpo. He's such a fluffball... I just want to give him a squeeze!

Lisa said...

Did you place the catnip inside the wool, then needle felt around it. I should really try that, I bet the kitties love it!

Lisa :)

Anet said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes that's how I did it.
Harpo's two favorite things wool felted balls and catnip!
You can really smell the catnip, especially when you're felting it. Harpo could hardly wait:)


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