Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Feature

My beautiful and talented daughter Autumn Rose was featured on a vintage style dress maker's blog today. Check it out!

And here is some more of her work in an aol news piece. Her friend Eak was featured in this article and used Autumn's photos of him. He's been to my house before...a very nice fellow.


TaraChristiane said...

Congrats to Autumn! I'm going to bookmark that dress maker's shop -- my girl is mad for sweet little vintage dresses!

Sandy said...

Your daughter is so talented. I had no idea this website of her pin up stuff existed. I love her photography blog and go there every once in awhile to see what she is doing. Go are so talented.

Anet said...

Thanks Tara,
She does make adorable dresses!
I love this blue dress on Autumn:)
Asha and Autumn would get along great. They have many of the same interests!


Thank you so much Sandy.

That makes me so happy that you check up on her to see what she's up to.
She just keeps on amazing me! (not a proud momma talking here, LOL!)


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