Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Mantel

We honor the seasons at our house as part of our Native American culture. Also because we love nature and it just feels right to honor the gifts that the Great Father has given us in way of animals, the trees and plants, the changing seasons.

One way we embrace the changing seasons is to decorate the mantel.
This summer I've used sunflowers, lemons, a honeycomb, rocks and crystals, peacock feathers, sage and a smudging shell and lots of candles in gold, red and orange.
Some handmade items:
The sun medallion that Noah made (I adore that!) I've also added the gourd bowl I made a few years ago. I left the painting of my mom hanging that Autumn painted. We'll just call her "Mother Earth" for now:)

This weekend we'll have a bonfire in the back yard after the Pow Wow. We'll honor Dad with a prayer. (for Father's Day) we'll also do a Birthday blessing for Kevin. We'll roast marshmallows (just cause they're good!)
I'm also coming up with a strawberry dessert for the Solstice. The Ojibwa use the full moons to mark the months of the year. The month of June is Ode' imini-giizis meaning Strawberry Moon. So I'm thinking Strawberries are perfect! The Summer Solstice is also known as The Rising Day to the Ojibwa. It is a time of renewal, sacred ceremonies, a time to pray for healing medicines, good crops and good harvests.
Hopefully Noah and I will take a nice long quiet walk in the woods on Monday to refresh our souls.
I'd love to hear if you have any plans to celebrate the Summer Solstice!


Ruth said...

I love how you commemorate the seasons, Anet. Just beautiful!

Noah's sun, and Autumn's painting - wonderful. The lemons, candles, vessels, peacock feathers, and gardland - they make my heart sing.

Lisa said...

wow, your mantel is beautiful! i LOVE Autumn's painting! your sostice celebration sounds just perfect. we are celebrating with a fire in the backyard, too, some seasonal poetry reading, good food, goddess art and music. the kids and I will also do a Reiki healing for Mother Earth.

Rue said...

Your plans sound wonderful - and the mantle looks fabulous!

Anet said...

Awww... thank you Ruth!


Thanks Lisa,
Your summer solstice sounds wonderful! So sweet, the Reiki healing for Mother Earth.

I've seemed to have lost my goddess pendant. I'll have to check the Pow Wow for a new one. That's where I purchase my first one.

I'm so interested in learning more about Reiki.
I know a few cats around here that could use a healing. They are all hissing and growling at each other. Which is so out of character for them. There's some bad cat mojo going on!


Thanks Rue, I hope you have a lovely solstice!

Sandy said...

The mantle looks beautiful and what a great tradition. Autumn's painting is great.


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