Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Collecting...

There are people who will dig for hours on end at antique shops and flea markets for the perfect photo for their collection. My daughter is one of them. She has several different collections going on. I know a few of them are "Sailors from World War II" and "Old carnival/circus photos." We both share a love for old photographs. She's always so excited when she finds a new treasure for her collection and can't wait to share them with me.

Can you figure out what these photos may have in common for a collection.

Pretty easy, huh?

Have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Shadows! I love old photos too, although I don't collect them.

Ruth said...

So cool. Autumn is cool. This new template is cool!!

Dawn said...

Yes, shadows! I love looking through old photographs to. Those are some great ones.

Anet said...

Hey everyone sorry, I usually like to respond to all my commenters in a rather speedy fashion but I've had a sweet sick kitty, whom we had to put to sleep yesterday.

Hi Sandy:-)

Thanks Ruth, I'm glad you like it.

So glad you popped in. I love thinking about the people in the photos and what their lives must of been like. Did they live a long and happy life? I always hope so:)


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