Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer come back...

I've browsed through all the old post here at Whimsical Moon and you know I really like this blog. The followers are such lovely people! So now that I'm not returning to my teaching job this fall I'm hoping to get a little inspiration to be more creative. (hasn't happened just yet, but I'm working on it.) Hopefully I'll be posting more here.
I've been a little busy planning for summer. Here's our plans as of now... (some of my friends from our Purple Squirrel Homeschool blog may have already heard this.)
This coming weekend is a busy one! The Annual Riverbank Pow Wow is Saturday, Sunday is Father's Day and Monday is Kevin's Birthday (daughter Autumn's boyfriend.) Not to forget, it's also the Summer Solstice! Whew!!!
My son has a few summer camps; Revolutionary War~ Harry Potter and Civil War. Yeah, we attend some strange camps here.
The day after Labor day when all the public school children are headed back to school, we're headed on a holiday at a cottage on Lake Huron. Lovely!
I'm not sure but we'll most like throw in a camping trip here and there.
Oh yes, tennis anyone?
(I don't even play tennis, I just like old tennis rackets. Sort of like my old wooden snow ski's.)

Here's to a summer full of magical delights!~ Catching fireflies, picnics with family and friends, roasting marshmallows, sipping lemonade on the porch, walking the woods hunting for those ever elusive wood sprites!~


Lisa said...

happy to see you here!! have a great time at the pow wow this weekend. sounds really great. happy summer solstice

Sandy said...

Glad to see you back. I always feel good coming here, the design etc. Have fun!

Rue said...

Yay for Summer (the lazy days - not the days I have to work!) Enjoy your busy weekend coming up!


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