Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thrifty Finds...

Today Autumn and Kevin held a yard/estate sale at Kevin's grandparent's home. His grandparents are past now and Kevin's mom told the kids they could sell the stuff from the garage and basement that Autumn helped clean out and keep the money. So I went to help out a good cause:) Autumn only charged me $10 for all of this, but I wrote her a check for $20. I also stopped at a sale in my neighborhood and bought a old table covering and a little turtle.
Here are my thrifty finds;

Blue & white tea towel, 4 cute drink coasters, paper lace, turtle, pipe box

A sweet bird plate from Germany

Close up of the leather pipe box.

Revolutionary War soldier coat rack made by Yorkraft Inc. York, Pennsylvania
for Noah's room and a little wooden nut cracker. (no-no, not for Sniffy!)

Old sheet music and clock works for art projects.
Autumn found a dead dragonfly and saved it for our nature table.
Beautiful hand thrown pottery made by Kevin's mom. Two cinnamon scented candles, two little glass jars and the table cover.
Here's Noah with his thrifty finds; (He had this whole business man thing going on)
An old hat, a brief case filled with "How to... Business" type books and part of an old phone??? I guess that's his cell phone.


Tammy said...

Oh wow, that is a wonderful bunch of finds! I hope Autumn did really well on her sale.

I like Noah's cell phone, lol!

Anonymous said...

Love the paper lace! Will that find a home in your artwork?
Sounds like you had a great day. (Now I'm thinking of thrifting... I must stay strong...)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Those are some wonderful finds. The old sheet music would be so cool to use for so many things. Loving the coat rack too...

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, that's so cute, the young businessman ready for work, barefooted but with that phone firmly held to the ear...don't want to miss anything important...

You sure got some treasures.

Domestic Witch said...

wow you scored! I adore that leather box

Ruth said...

They're pretty as they are, and you will create more prettiness when you make crafts from some of them. It's just sooo much fun finding bargains like this.


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