Saturday, November 14, 2009

Throw us a bone!

Yay! A small glimmer of hope. My husband didn't get laid off as of yet. We are thinking there is maybe 3 weeks of work for him still. So it should be just before Christmas is my guess. Oh, Happy Holidays! Right now, we are grateful for each day of work... one day at a time.

This is Applejack, our dried apple head we made before Halloween.

He's about one inch big now. But he's still smiling!


Tammy said...

Look at the schnoz on Applejack! roflol...

I'm so glad you still have a couple of weeks before the layoff. Will the layoff be permanent? Does your hubby have other prospects or ideas yet of where to apply for a job?

Ruth said...

That's good news!

Anet said...

Hey Tammy,

It's a little up in the air. If his company can hire him back within 50 days of the lay off, then we'll be okay. If not he has to go to the bottom of the union lay off list (which has guys on the list for over two years worth of lay off time.) Companies have to hire off the top of the list.
That will suck!
That will mean he'll have to do something else. Another electrian friend of his and Brad are thinking of working for themselves. If they have to.
Or it's back to school and switch gears completely. I'm thinking alternative energy. But Brad is nearing 50 and is no spring chicken. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That is good news Ruth, they really don't want to lay him off, I know they are trying very hard to come up with work for him.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, that layoff list sounds bad, I hope he doesn't have to go on it. Can he work non-union jobs or is that a no-no? I am thinking with the building trades in such decline right now there is little work to be had anywheres. I have heard that those knowledgeable about windfarms have good prospects.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Anet! That gives you three more weeks to investigate options and make plans. Jeff went back to school to switch careers when he was nearing 40 and it wasn't so horrible. He got an Associates in Environmental Health and Safety (there is lots of environment to clean up!) and worked part time while he earned his degree. It was tight, but doable. Hang in there... I'm sending you good vibes that this is going to work out.


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