Sunday, October 4, 2009

Warm, woolly and strange...

I'm a knitting maniac!!!
Here's some photos of hat # 3. A pumpkin colored hat for Noah. He picked the color. My homeschoolin friend Cheryl helped me with the ribbing. Thanks Cheryl!
Hat #2 was a purple wool hat for Caleb's friend's birthday and was wrapped before I had gotten a photo of it. I've already started hat #4.

~This is not my kid... he's still kickin. Although I've thought about shrinking his head a few times:)
Here's a strange conversation I had with Noah once.
Noah: "Mom, how do you shrink a head?"
Me: Ummm.... "I'm not sure, why?"
Noah: "Oh just in case!" as he skips merrily away.

In case of what?!!!
Maybe we should make that a homeschool project. Any volunteers? Muhhaha!!!
A pail full of handmade Halloween shakers and mask. Just for fun!


Tammy said...

Anet, your knitting is lovely!!!

And I am laughing over the shrunken head convo. ;) I love October and Halloween so much... I'm kind of thinking it would be fun to make shrunken heads from apples. Have you ever done that before?

Anonymous said...

That Clara Bow picture is awesome... almost as awesome as your hats. Dang girl, you've found your bailiwick! I've been knitting teeny weenie little hats for the hospital premie unit – my service project for fall.
Shrunken heads? Please, no tutorial on that one! :-)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Heh heh... Head shrinking... How DO you shrink a head?

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think you have a gift for knitting. That shade of orange around here means "UT Longhorns Fan."

Ruth said...

I wish my wrists would let me knit!

motheralice said...

My knitting needles regularly mock me. I try to ignore it, but they're right... I have two left hands.

Your hat looks fabulous!!

Anet said...

Hi Tammy,
Last year we made shrunkin apple heads over at the Purple Squirrel Homeschool. I think we didn't let it rot enough though. There is a photo somewhere over there of it.


Awww... Tara that is a sweet service project! As both of my boys were premies and spent time in the NICU.
Bless your heart!

Now don't give me any bright ideas for a tutourial! LOL!!!


Thanks Old Dame,
Go Longhorns!!!??


OH, I wish you healing in your wrist Ruth... My pinkie joint is feeling now with all the knitting.


Hi MotherAlice,
Thank you! I'm just learning, but I really love it!
I feel like two left hands at many things. Like cutting with sissors!


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