Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buttered mouse, anyone?

Yes, we had a mouse! We live in a big old house and in the fall sometimes mice think to take residence here, even with three cats in the house.
The cats have been on guard duty at the stove for several days. So my husband bought this sticky mouse trap thing. Of course the mouse became stuck when I was home alone. So here I am trying to unstick the mouse. Boy was he stuck!!! Looking at me with those cute little black eyes and twitchy whiskers. "Help me lady, Please...!"

I call my husband, he says use cooking oil to loosen him free.
I am out of cooking oil , it's early in the morning and I have to be to work in an hour. Ugh!! I spray the poor thing with cooking spray. Now, he's not only stuck from the hip down, he's all greasy. My cats are chomping at the bit to get to him. So I place the unhappy mousey outside of the backdoor. I kept thinking of him all day at work, I was so upset.
When I came home, some outside cat or something had gotten a hold of him and chewed on him. He was at least dead now. I told my husband no more sticky traps!!!

A few days later I hear this horrible noise coming from the kitchen. I had forgot about the second trap by the frig. My cat Harpo leaped over the freezer to get to it and stuck his hind paw in it, now he was running like a mad man through the house with a sticky trap on his foot and the other two cats are running in the opposite directions. Total chaos!
We finally capture Harpo.... still no cooking oil and I know the stupid spray doesn't work. So I think... hmmmm.... I melted some butter and freed the cat with it. Harpo didn't think buttered toes were so bad, he happily licked them clean.
Now, if I'd only have thought to butter the mouse. I'm checking into live traps for mice.


mrsb said...

Oh, no! We had rats get into our house in Texas years and years ago (long story having to do with the neighbors being insane...). I have to admit, I didn't have too many bad feelings about exterminating them.

Of course at the time, my husband had been gone a month (for work), I had a 9 month old, a 2 year old and a 7 year old - and was slowly loosing my mind, lol!

Wendy Hawksley said...

I felt totally guilty whenever a mouse perished in our home (mostly it was Shiva's fault, because in addition to being a Kitty God of Destruction, he's... vigilant).

So you are not alone in not liking the whole process of ridding the house of mice!

Good luck finding the best method for your home. Hopefully the mice will find some cozy, out of the way nook in some abandoned house to stay warm this winter.

Tammy said...

LOL, buttered Harpo! We haven't had a mouse in the house since we got our 3 cats, but I'm sure eventually we will. I think our kitties would be afraid of a mouse, lol.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I never use those traps and I tell the store managers how I feel about them, too. Some places have pulled them from the shelves, they are inhumane. I use the hav-a-hearts for mice and they worked fine and since these are outside mice getting it, out they go back outside. The regular mousetraps are very cruel, too, as they often just trap a paw or just injure the mouse. Pain is pain, suffering is suffering, even in a mouse. Of course, in my religion, a life is a life is a life.

Rue said...

Gosh - you've been busy! First things first....get some oil! LOL! And some live traps. They do work great. A friend of mine in an older house uses them with no troubles at all.

Diane said...

geez this sounds like a complete disaster! :(

Patty said...

I popped over from Ms. B's and read this entry. Oh how funny. My daughter had one of those sticky traps for Ants last summer and her cat got it on his tail. What fun we had trying to catch him and get it off. We never thought of oil (or butter) so thanks for the tip. I will be back to visit you again. You have a great blog

Anet said...

Thanks Olde Dame,
I'm checking into the Hav-a-hearts.
I'm with you, a life is a life no matter how small!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love mice stories! After all that you think maybe it is easier to just let them in the house! This one made me laugh!


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