Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thrifty Witchy Finds

The hubby and I stopped in a Thrift Store yesterday and found a couple of witches and a pair of monks. We also stocked up on some really nice flannel shirts for the boys and warm sweaters for everyone. A chill is in the air!
Note here: The hubby told me "NO!" to the $40 vintage upright player piano. (You had to move the piano yourself.) See, he's mean to me!!! Spoiled Queen talking here, LOL! Oh and as I'm telling how mean he is... he says I can get a puppy ONLY when I get rid of all three cats!!! We'll see about that one:) Humph! Okay on to the thrifty photos.

A Kitchen Witch Set.

Salt and Pepper shakers... I love the S and P's on their head scarves:)

Have any guess as to what this tall witch is for?

At first I thought she was a utensils holder, right? But the holes are so low, cut straight in and go all the way around her. I put a large spoon in her and it stuck out rather oddly. It couldn't be a utensil holder.
We thought about a tea light candle holder but.... the holes are much too small to get a tea light in and then to try and light it, no way!
So I'm clueless as to what she's for. If anyone has a guess I'd appreciate it!
A 1987 Wizard Air Freshener Witch still in her package. She doesn't smell "harvest fresh" anymore but she glows in the dark! Well, she is 22 years old now.

Two monks/ Salt and Pepper Shakers
I think the fat one has had more than his share of the daily bread!


Anonymous said...

Great thrifty finds! I'm not sure what that witch is for... my first thought was a plastic bag holder, then I though napkin holder... I'm stumped!
Hubby better watch it, you might have to cast a little spell that involves a piano in the living room and adorable puppy sleeping in the bed with you. ;-)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Could the witch be for holding long wooden matches? The "strike on anything" kind?

Rue said...

LOL - what a fun, quirky bunch of treasures you found! I say, get the puppy anyway!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Wow, what great finds! I love the kitchen witch set. I've never seen anything like it.

It looks like you are more than ready for Halloween this year. But I'm sure there is more to come.

Treaya said...

I love your witchy finds!

Sandy said...

You found some real treasures! Love the witchy one.

Hope you get your dog, ha!

A player piano for 40 bucks, wow. Was it in good shape.

Anet said...

Hey Tara, I like the way you think:) LOL!

Old Dame Penniwig,
That's a good thought, But anything long sticking out those holes is so weird.
I've tried to search on-line for it. I found the exact salt and pepper shakers but the big witch was not with them.


Thanks Rue! I'm keeping my eye on the animal shelter's web page, for just the right dog:)


Hi Wendy, yeah I haven't even begun to decorate. I think I'm going up in the attic tomorrow! I just can't wait any longer:)

HI Sandy,
You know the piano did work, I don't think it worked well. It would surely need some work to play it properly. But I was thinking how cool it would be just to have it to decorate for the seasons. Very cool!

docwitch said...

Anet - I love 'em! Oh how I would love to go shopping in your part of the world!

Now...hmmm...that tall witch. She's not for holding sugar is she? A sugar-dispensing witchypoo? How appropriate hey? To go with the salt and pepper? Hheheee.

Stumbleine said...

I will never understand Dad's hate for pianos, remember when I wanted to get one and he flipped out? Weirdo.

Anyway i'd go get that piano in a heart beat if we weren't already getting Kevin's grandmas. I love the kitchen witch stuff, Give that to me in your will :P. What thrift store was this exactly??

Anet said...

Hi Docwitch:)

There's a small hole in the bottom of her so all the sugar would fall out. Nice thought though!


Hi Autumn,

It's the big store on Cedar.
They have two pianos now, marked $39.99! very cool old dark wood. Oh well!
Of course you can have the kitchen witch set:) Ummm.... probably before I die:) Maybe you can figure out the tall witch mystery.

Stumbleine said...

Is she a candle holder?

You can keep them till I get a bigger kitchen (o: Mine is LOADED.


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