Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Progress and Gifts

Progress on my hat. Huzzah!!!!

Autumn and Kevin stopped by with gifts for me, just because they love me. Too sweet!

A rockin' Happy Camper shirt. Autumn took a photograph of their vintage camper and Kevin made the photo into a graphic and silk screened it on to shirts. They are a amazingly talented couple!
A lovely old blue and white plate.

and this cute squirrel card, remind you of anyone?

I found this photo of pretty mums on my camera and wanted to share it with you.
My seventeen year old son Caleb took this, I thought it was so cute that he would photograph flowers. Sometimes they just surprise you, don't they?


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I REALLY love those mums!

And what nice gifts you got!!!

Ruth said...

Wow, your place looks so different! The wallpaper is beautiful.

The hat looks GREAT. I love that yarn.

Don and I love the t-shirt. I said I would buy one like that for him, and he said, "I'd buy the camper." We have been looking for a vintage camper for our property to be like a spare bedroom since we've lived here.

Love this post, Anet.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You are knitting that hat! Good for you! Such sweet and talented kiddos you have. :-)

Sandy said...

Great T-shirt, love the old trailer.

And that is one cool're so creative.


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