Monday, June 22, 2009

Batty Poem


Bats that circle round and round.

Never really touching down.

If I place my hands upon my head,

promise me you won't make your bed.

Although my hair is not the best,

it's really not the place to make your nest.


I wrote this for the bats that fly circles above my garage at dusk and like to freak me out.


Tara said...

Don't freak out, Anet! I think bats are cute... as long as they are at a distance.

Anet said...

Yeah, a good long distance!
They are kind of cute. It's their creepy flight pattern that freaks me out. Flittering every which way!

Ruth said...

Hahahaha, that is awesome, Anet.

I really like seeing bats flit around here.

docwitch said... someone who has a few bats in her belfry, I do appreciate this!


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